Witch Craft: Test Tube Tea Organizer

Witch Craft: Test Tube Tea Organizer

What witch doesn't like a cup (or two) of freshly brewed tea?   Here's a magical way for all you kitchen witches to organize and display all your loose teas.  


  • Black Acrylic Paint and Paint Brush
  • Labels (return address size work perfectly for this project but I had shipping size labels so I used those and then cut them to the size I needed)
  • Chalk
  • Fine Tip Paint Marker or Metallic Marker
  • Loose Teas or Herbs 
  • Printer (optional)

Steps: (Also, see photos below!)

  • Brew a cup of tea and set the tea bag aside to stain the labels with
  • Take the tea bag and squeeze most of the excess water out.  Then stamp the bag onto the labels to stain them.  Set out to dry 
  • Paint the test tube rack black (or whatever color your heart desires)
  • While the paint dries, go to and choose a cool font that you would like to use for the lettering.  Print it out to fit the test tube rack and then cut it out 
  • You will transfer the lettering by chalking the back of the image.  On the back of your "Witch's Brew" sign, rub the chalk over letters.  Place the sign back down on the rack and using a ball point pen, trace over the letters.  The chalk will transfer your design.  Lift the paper off the rack and you should have an outline of your lettering 
  • Using your paint marker, (I used a metallic sharpie) trace over the chalk outlines.  Once you have done so, you can wipe away any excess chalk with a towel 
  • Once your tea stained labels are dry, you can write the names of teas on them.  If you need to cut your labels to size, now is the time to do it
  • Fill the test tubes with the teas and label them as you go 
  • Fill your test tube rack with your labeled tea tubes 

Make it Magical 

Create your own brews by mixing different teas, herbs, and spices.  Here are two recipes for magical brews I created :

These heart and star shaped mini sprinkles help to make any brew more magical and they dissolve quickly adding a hint of sweetness!

Mix it up! Sip your tea, create your own brew, and make some magic!

Please note: This post includes affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase some of the materials for this project 
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