Witch Craft: DIY Embroidered Mary Janes

Witch Craft: DIY Embroidered Mary Janes

Add magic to every step you take with these embroidered shoes! 

Before I started this project I had done very little embroidery.  The book Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart was helpful in learning about different stitch techniques.  This particular project only uses two very basic embroidery stitches which you can easily find online.  I highly recommend doing a mock-up or practice project before starting on the shoes.  

If you are ready to create your own custom Mary Janes, read on!


I used metallic thread but regular, cotton embroidery floss is much easier to work with 

Optional Materials

Any scissors will work for this project but embroidery scissors are just so freakin cute 

Also, these jewelry pilers helped when my fingers started getting sore from pulling the needle through the canvas uppers of the shoes

Before you start on the shoes, you might want to do a a practice project on a a similar ground fabric.  Here I used a piece of stiff felt.  I used cotton embroidery floss for the practice but metallic floss for the slippers.  I found (too late) that the cotton floss was much easier to work with.  The metallic thread tends to coil up and does not finish as neatly as the cotton floss. However, I am happy with how the completed shoes turned out


  • Draw your design onto the shoes using the silver quilters pencil
  • Start by outlining the design using a stem stitch
  • Fill in using straight stitches 
  • Work from the toe area of the shoe up towards the vamp so that when you are ready to tie a knot you are doing it in an area that is easier to reach
  • Once you have filled in the main designs you can add some fun stars and other decorative stitches 


All the hard work is worth it once you finish the embroidery.  I'm so happy with how my shoes turned out.  They look and feel so magical and the process was actually very meditative.  Once you create something that you've envisioned in your mind, thats when you are making magic!


Please note that this post include affiliate links to amazon where you can purchase the materials used for this project 

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