Witch Craft: Tarot Card Choker

Witch Craft: Tarot Card Choker

Make a magical tarot necklace in just a few simple steps!  I used the Moon card from the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot, but you can choose any card from any deck.  I've always had a strong connection with the moon being a cancer and all but as more than just that.  I love the loyalty of the moon, there every night watching over me, illuminating the darkest hour.  That's why the Moon card was my first choice for this project.  If you would like to make your own, read on for the instructions.


  • Tarot card of your choosing

  • Velvet ribbon

  • 10 jump rings

  •  Lobster clasp

  •  2 end clamps 

  • Clear packing tape

  • Card stock

  • Scissors

  • Pin or thumbtack

  • Printer

  • Pliers

Steps for Tarot Charm

  • Choose your card.  Meditate on a card you connect with or one that you hope to connect with
  • Photograph the front and back of your tarot card

  • Resize the tarot card on your computer to .5" long and .75" high.

  • Print the resized images on card stock

  • Cut out the two tarot images and glue them together 

  • Wrap the mini tarot card in clear packing tape and trim the excess

  • Poke a hole near the top edge of the card (but not too close to the top, it might tear)

  • Insert a jump ring, leave it open, and set aside

Steps for Choker 

  • Measure your neck or use a choker that fits you and cut the length of velvet ribbon
  • Attach a clamp to each side of the ribbon
  • Use a jump ring to attach a lobster clasp to one of the clamps
  • Make a chain of jump rings (or use chain if available) to your desired length or make it adjustable
  • Attach the chain of jump rings to the opposite side of the clamp with the clasp
  • Lay your choker flat and poke a hole at the center near the bottom
  • Take the tarot charm and insert it's open jump ring though the hole on the choker
  • Close the jump ring and try it on!
  • Swoon and make some for your coven 

If you make your own tarot choker and want to share, upload a photo to Instagram and #makingmagic and follow me @magickal_michelle

Love you Witches 

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