Witch Craft: Rose Patch Booties

Witch Craft: Rose Patch Booties

The rose, a symbol of love, beauty, sex, and yet  it is not a symbol at all, but merely a rose.  Roses, in all their beauty and simplicity have always been a favorite of mine and I'm absolutely j'adoring this embroidered rose trend that is happening right now.  Instead of buying a whole new rosey wardrobe, however I bought a few rose patches from Amazon and scoured my closet for any items of clothing that need some love and beauty.  Alas, I found the perfect candidate in these lace up wedges that I had almost gotten rid of (but I knew there was something magical in store for them!)

So check your broom closets for a lonesome top, bag, or pair of shoes like I did and make it magic! 



  • Item to be beautified 
  • Rose patches (mine are from Amazon)
  • Glue suitable for fabrics* that dries clear
  • Chalk 
  • Paint Marker (optional)

*If you are applying patches to shoes or a bag it is best to use glue.  If you are applying your patch to clothing you can simply iron or sew the patch on.



First decide on the placement of your patches and use the chalk to mark the top and bottom of your patch on the shoes.  The chalk marks should be small and faint.  I circled mine so you can see.  These guides will help you when you are glueing the patch on.

Spread an thin layer of glue over the entire patch all the way to the edges.  Let air dry for about 20 seconds and then using the chalk marks as guides, slowly lay the patch onto the shoe.  Make sure to press down all the areas of the patch to stick to the shoe.  Some of the glue is going to ooze out the sides so I had a wet paper towel with me to clean up the edges.  This glue dries clear but because these boots are faux suede, the excess glue would still leave a bit a wet looking mark.

You must wait at least 48 hours before wearing your shoes.  While you wait, check back on the drying process and make sure the edges of the patch are not sticking up.  If they are, touch them up with the glue.  Once 48 hours are up, check the shoes and if necessary, wait another 24 hours before wearing them.  To add extra magic to your patched item at this time, see below. Otherwise, you are all set to rock your gorgeous creations!

Show me your stuff:  #makeitmagic on Instagram so I can see!


Make it Magic!

What witch couldn't use a little extra protection in this crazy world we live in?    Drawing symbols of protection on the soles of your shoes can help protect us from harmful and negative energy.  Obviously you still must protect yourself by being aware of your surroundings and trusting your instincts but a little magick goes a long way.

While the glue was still drying, I took the opportunity to use a paint marker to draw a symbol of protection and also do a spell for protection over my kicks.  

First light a white candle and burn an incense or oil with protective properties.  I burned a hyssop bundle that I made with hyssop and rose petals from my nana's garden.  Other herbs to consider are rosemary, sage, juniper, basil, vervain, lavender, lilac, and sandalwood.  You may surround your shoes with crystals to strengthen the protection.  I chose amethyst because its a stone that I use frequently in my magic.  Other stones or crystals to consider are tourmaline, onyx, smokey quartz, and turquoise, to name a few. The incense and crystals are nice to have but the most important part is your intent.  Meditate and visualize a white light around the shoes and then a white light surrounding you wearing the shoes.  Next, say the Spell for Protection above and draw a symbol of protection on the soles while envisioning yourself walking with confidence know that you are protected and making magic!

Crystal Valentine

Crystal Valentine